The Third International Conference of Processing Materials for Properties ( PMP-III ) MMIJ Session in Sapporo, 2009
book08 平成21年9月7日に札幌で開催された「PMP’09」国際会議のProceedings CD-ROM+要旨集(冊子)
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Paper Category in Thailand Title Speaker’s Name Organaization
Opening Session (Room 214)
Opening Address Opening Address by Conference Chair Akio Fuwa Waseda University
Keynote Lecture Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Processing on Materials Surface Yasuhiro  Awakura Kyoto University
Session-Ⅰ (Room 214)
I-1  Materials Processing New Era of Onahama Smelter with New “O-SR Process”- Onahama Type Direct Laundered S-Furnace and Reverb Furnaces Kenji Kiyotani Onahama Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd.
I-2  Materials Processing Recent Operation of the Flash Smelting Furnace at Saganoseki Smelter and Refinery Katsuya  Toda Nikko Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd.
I-3  Materials Processing Reduction in Unit Energy Consumption at Saganoseki Smelter and Refinery Toshihiro  Kamegai Nikko Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd.
I-4  Materials Processing Various Improvements for the Zinc Roasting and Sulfuric Acid Process at Onahama Refinery Daisuke Fujiwara Toho Zinc Co., Ltd.
Coffee Brake (Room 206)
I-5  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing Separation Process of Precious Metal Norihiro Murayama Kansai University
I-6  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing Lamination Interface of the Wax-Less Permanent Cathode Process in Copper Refinery Kimihiro  Shimokawa Hibi kyodo Smelting & Refinery Co., Ltd.
I-7  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing Synergistic Effect of Polymer Additives and Chloride Ions and Their Degradation in Copper Electrorefining Hiroaki  Nakano Kyushu University
I-8  Modeling Material Processing Numerical Simulation of Mass Transfer in Copper Electrorefining with Gas Injection Tomio  Takasu Kyushu Institute of Technology
I-9  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing Manufacturing of the Ferrate Using the Electrolytic Process in High-Dense Alkaline Solution and Its Applications Hidehiko  Ohtsu Chiba Institute of Technology
I-10  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing The Electrodeposition of Zn-Al Alloys from Dimethylsulfone Electrolytes Kazumi Takenaka Kyoto University
Session-Ⅱ (Room 215)
II-1  Environmental Protection Processing Surface Modification of Plastics of Shredder Residue for Hybrid Jig Maiko  Akatsuka Hokkaido University
II-2  Environmental Protection Processing Technology Development and Plant Practice of the Recycling of Nickel from Spent Electroless Nickel Plating Baths Using Solvent Extraction Mikiya  Tanaka National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
II-3  Environmental Protection Processing Preparation of Chemically Modified Lignophenol Gels from Biomass Wastes and Its Application to the Recovery of Precious Metals Katsutoshi  Inoue Saga University
II-4  Materials Processing Synthesis of Two Types of Adsorbents: A Comparison Study of Their Efficiencies and Environmental Impacts In Adsorbing Arsenic from Wastewater Gjergj  Dodbiba The University of Tokyo
Coffee Brake (Room 206)
II-5  Energy Materials Processing Separation of Rare-Earths from Nuclear Fuel by Selective Sulfurization Nobuaki Sato Tohoku University
II-6  Environmental Protection Processing Metals Recycling and Waste Treatment Businesses of Nippon Mining and Metals Group Junzo  Hino Nippon Mining and Metals Co., Ltd.
II-7  Environmental Protection Processing Development of New Steels to Reduce Lifecycle Costs of Steel Bridges Fumio  Yuse Kobe Steel, Ltd.
II-8  Environmental Protection Processing Carbon Dioxide Adsorption by MCM-41 Synthesized from Rice Husk Anusorn Boonpoke King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
II-9  Materials Processing Kinetic Study on Oxidation, Chlorination and Evaporation Reactions for Chloride-Based Fluxes Hiroyuki  Matsuura The University of Tokyo
II-10  New Using Isasmelt(R) TSC technology to treat secondary copper materials Gerardo R. F. Alvear F. Xstrata Technology
Session-Ⅲ (Room 216)
III-1  Powder Preparation/Processing Preparation of Ag/SiO2 Hybrid Materials for Antibacterial Applications Pornapa  Sujaridworakun Chulalongkorn University
III-2  Powder Preparation/Processing Rapidly Solidified Magnesium Alloy Coarse Powder by SWAP and Characteristics of Its Wrought Alloy Katsuyoshi  Kondoh Osaka University
III-3  Materials Processing Effect of Ca Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AZ31B/nano-Al2O3 Composite Nguyen  Bau National University of Singapore
III-4  Materials Processing Synthesis of S and N Co-Doped TiO2 Films by AC-PLD Method and Their Photo Properties Nobuaki Sato Tohoku University
Coffee Brake (Room 206)
III-5  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing The Effect of Acid Addition on the Preparation of Carbon-Supported Platinum Nanoparticles by Alcohol Reduction Kouji Izumi Kyoto University
III-6  Aqueous/Electrochemical Processing Electrolytic Deposition and Thermoelectric Characteristics of Bi2Te3 Compound Using Basic Ammonia Solution Hijiri Ootaka Waseda University
III-7  Energy Materials Processing Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Nonstoichiometric NdGdS3 with Gd Excess Michihiro  Ohta National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
III-8  Energy Materials Processing Synthesis and Sintering of Single-Phase ReCuS2 (Re: Nd, Pr, Sm, and Gd) Powders Massoud  Omar Muroran Institute of Technology
III-9  Energy Materials Processing Influence of Annealing Conditions for Synthesized Powder on Grain Growth in GdPrS3 Sintered Compact Hideto  Sasaki Muroran Institute of Technology
III-10  Energy Materials Processing Synthesis and Thermoelectric Property of Th3P4-Type SmEuGdS4 Taku  Kawasaki Muroran Institute of Technology
Session-Ⅳ (Room 207)
IV-1  Nanomaterials Processing Effect of Reaction Conditions on Synthesis of SiC Nanowires by Simple Thermal Evaporation Wasana  Khongwong Tokyo Institute of Technology
IV-2  Nanomaterials Processing Synthesis and Characterization of Uniform Copper Nanoparticles Obtained by a Polyol Process Kazuomi  Ryoshi Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
IV-3  Nanomaterials Processing Synthesis and Morphology Control of ITO Nanoparticles by Precious pH Control in Liquid Phase System Atsushi Muramatsu Tohoku University
IV-4  Thin Film Coating Processing MWNT/SiC Coatings: Synthesis, Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance Yasuo  Uchiyama Nagasaki University
Coffee Brake (Room 206)
IV-5  Energy Materials Processing Penetration of Water into Yttrium- and Scandium-Doped Barium Zirconate and Its Relation to Proton Conductivity Yoshitaro  Nose Kyoto University
IV-6  Processing of Electronic Materials and Devices Thermo-Kinetics Analysis of Ge2Sb2Te5 Amorphous Materials Containing Nb, Mo and W Elements Naoyuki Kawamura Waseda University
IV-7  Processing of Ceramics High Temperature Flexural Strength of the Al2O3-YAG Eutectic Composite Produced by Using Transformation from Metastable Eutectic to Equilibrium Eutectic Tomoya  Nagira Osaka University
IV-8  Processing of Ceramics Spark-Plasma-Sintering of High Strength Transparent Spinel Polycrystals Koji  Morita National Institute for Materials Science