Terms and agreements for Speakers at our spring or fall conference.

Terms and agreements for Speakers at our spring or fall conference.

If you have registered as a speaker in any session at our spring or fall conference, you are considered to have agreed to Declaimer and Terms for Speakers, Guidelines for Quotation, and Notes for Participation and Presentation.
Before registering as a speaker, never fail to check the following statements:

1. Declaimer and Terms for Speakers in Contributed Sessions at the Conference of the Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan

  • Copyrights (including all rights prescribed in Articles 21 to 28 of the Japanese Copyright Act) on materials presented, photographs taken, and video and audio recorded in sessions at the conference and related materials (including speakers’ images and deliverables appearing in such things; hereinafter “presentation deliverables”) shall be owned by the Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan.
  • You should not use reproduced works from other sources for your presentation unless you have obtained permission to use them or their use is free from any copyright problem.
  • If a presentation deliverable causes a third party’s copyright or other right or interest to be infringed, we will suspend publishing the deliverable.
  • At this conference, you should carefully deal with materials you present. Especially, you should be cautious when the materials include confidential information related to patents.
  • In all contributed sessions and planned sessions, we prohibit photographing, recording, saving, printing and all other similar acts of presentation deliverables.
  • We cannot be responsible for any trouble happening with an individual presentation in a session. Especially, you should be careful enough in dealing with copyrights, image rights, personal information, etc. in your materials and other related files, as indicated above.

2. Guidelines for Quotation

To reduce the risk of infringing copyrights, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • When you use quoted information, you should design the layout of your presentation slide so that your own opinion and the reason for the quotation will be the “main” part of it. (If a quoted figure or table occupies the most part of the slide, it may infringe a copyright.)
  • Adaptation or alteration (an act of making some change to a quoted figure or table) is in principle prohibited because it is likely to infringe a copyright.
  • If it is possible, you should use only values and facts, instead of reproducing figures or tables from others’ works.
  • When it is necessary to reproduce others’ figures or tables for quotation, we recommend that you should proactively use open access journals.
  • When you use free materials, including ones on the internet, you should check the “use conditions” specified by their provider, and use them within the range allowed.
  • If you use works from foreign countries, it is more likely that disputes will arise, so we recommend that you should not use figures or tables from them in principle, but indicate only important facts (use only values and facts).

3. Notes for Participation and Presentation

  • Costs of personal computer (PC) equipment and internet communications needed for making presentations shall be paid by speakers. You have to set up your PC and perform its operation check by yourself before beginning your presentation. You also have to ensure that the power of your PC will not be off after it is activated. We would ask you to cooperate with us to ensure that the program will proceed as scheduled. We will give you time for connection tests before the conference.
  • We cannot address troubles with individual presentations that are not covered by the manual that we distribute (troubles relating to operation of computers, connections to the internet, video and audio, etc.). We will give you supports in connections tests before the conference, but basically you have to solve your own troubles by yourself.
  • You should understand that it is possible that a presentation in a contributed session or a planned session will be cancelled depending on the situation (including decision by the MC or the speaker to cancel it).